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Freight Forwarders

Yinson Production specialises in the provision of integrated services for Floating, Production, Storage, Offloading, (FPSO) and Floating, Storage, and Offloading, (FSO) units.

We design, construct, and operate industry-leading production assets for the offshore oil and gas industry towards improving global access to stable and affordable energy.

We are also leading the way towards Net Zero, Yinson’s Climate Goal for 2050, with responsible solutions, working closely with likeminded partners in realising our Zero Emissions FPSO concept.

We believe our Zero Emissions FPSO concept is the best solution in tackling the issue with our innovative solutions such as closed flaring system, hydrocarbon blanketing, carbon capture, utilisation and storage, and direct air capture.

We are working with clients and business partners to develop and implement the Zero Emissions FPSO concept, which is a key way to drastically lower our emissions.

To understand how our Zero Emissions FPSO concept is closely tied to our Sustainability Roadmap, visit the Sustainability page here.

Yinson GreenTech aims to build a profitable global business, which, through investments in green technologies, accelerates the transition to a net zero world.

Our focus will primarily be in the markets that we currently operate in and within the marine, transport and energy business segments.

The OSVs of the 21st century no longer merely carry cargo. They’re evolving to take on multiple roles, including well intervention, cable laying, carrying dangerous cargo, responding to crises such as oil spills or fires and deploying daughter crafts to operate in emergencies.

Our continued success as an OSV provider is a result of our ability to adapt to the waves of change sweeping the marine industry, backed by two decades of experience in offshore marine services.

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