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About Xtracare Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 2011, Xtracare is a young company with an opulent history. A modest one-man operation, fuelled by hard work & driven by passion, has led to the present day Xtracare team. Despite hardships and failures obstructing our way, we continued to lay each tile of our dream, thus creating Xtracare Logistics Private Limited from the ground up. Xtracare is well equipped to handle all kinds of cargo through our noteworthy range of services. Each valuable member of our Xtracare team goes beyond their call of duty to provide services to our customers that are unmatched in the industry. We bring any part of the world closer to you with our efficient liaison services through our global nexus. We prioritize our customer-first approach and treat their shipment needs as our own and deliver world-class quality of services, from pick-up to delivery at the doorstep. Using this business strategy, our clientele has grown from a handful to beyond numbers. We are constantly hustling to bring justice to our motto, “one world, one solution.” Strike a deal, join our Xtracare family, and bid farewell to late deliveries, bad quality cargo maintenance, negotiations, complicated customs paperwork, and regret!
Air-crafted to your needs, we fly your cargo in from any part of the world. With many airlines as our wingmen, our freight forwarding becomes easy and breezy. Our well-connected global network shrinks any distance to be covered. From (insert Indian city) to (insert foreign city), we cater to all domestic and international freight forwarding services. Whatever size your cargo is, we do not leave them unattended. XtraCare airfreight services; extra care for your cargo
Do you have apt cargo for a container? Or do you have less than the container load? Get max value for what you ship with our cost-efficient and quality guaranteed services. We dock at all your origin sites and receive your cargo. We do not rest until we deliver them to you. Sign your sea freight to us, sigh a huge relief, take a chill pill, and meet us at the destination. XtraCare sea freight services; captain of freight forwarding.
You needn’t look anywhere else for transporting your goods to the destination. With our efficient road transport facilities, we take charge of your cargo from the warehouse to your destination. You dismiss us at the doorstep after the reception of your delivery. We ensure that you have a one-stop solution for all your shipment needs. XtraCare transportation and distribution services; roadway to ease of delivery.
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