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Worldwide Shipping Management was formed with the intention of going into the field of crew manning, providing competent officers and crew from Asia and Eastern Europe to clientele based all over the world. Our professional manning services remains our core business while we expand to provide ship management and other related services in the market. Worldwide Shipping Management is an organization responsible for all operations involving crew and fleet management, offering flexible services relying on its well-trained, experienced and highly motivated personnel. Worldwide Shipping Management has a solid reputation of being a reliable partner and a trustworthy establishment.

From real-time tracking to enhanced transparency, greater scalability, and improved security, blockchain can be considered as a one-stop solution. Let’s now explore how blockchain is already revolutionizing logistics.

Blockchain technology can help in easing many of the conflicts in global trade logistics, including transportation management, customs collaboration, procurement, track and trace, and trade finance. It can optimize the cost and time in terms of administrative processing and trade documentation for ocean freight shipments. To unlock the existing efficiencies in ocean freight, Maersk and IBM have commenced a venture to establish a global blockchain-based system for end-to-end shipment tracking and digitizing trade workflows that will allow each stakeholder to view the progress of goods through the supply chain.

The technology has remarkable footprints in supply chain management as it helps in improving supply chain transparency and monitor provenance. From how goods are made to where they come from, and how they are managed, with blockchain-based systems data becomes permanent and easily shared, giving supply chain players more comprehensive track-and-trace capabilities than before. It helps in increasing safety and reveals product provenance in food supply chains as well. Many top companies are leveraging blockchain, like for example, Walmart is focusing specifically on food tracking, traceability, and safety.

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