World Trade Connection Logistics

World Trade Connection Logistics

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World Trade Connection Logistics

Passionately growing our team, delivering innovative solutions & providing excellent operation processes, professional information systems and innovative ideas.

​In line with competitive market changes, the company inevitably evolves to keep abreast of the changes despite that our mission and objective remains the same that is PROVIDE THE BEST QUALITY OF SERVICE, SELECT THE BEST ROUTING, CHOOSE THE MOST SUITABLE CARRIERS, MINIMIZE THE TRANSPORTATION COST FOR OUR CUSTOMERS

Sea freight
Full cargo (FCL) and full space sharing (LCL) services

Import and Export Services

Collecting goods from a single or multiple vendors and distributing products

Project Cargo Services

Large cargo / high weight cargo service

Refrigerated trainer cabinet service

Special equipment services such as rack, open top, tank filling, etc.

Dangerous Goods (DG Cargo)

Subdivisioned / conventional freight

Automotive cargo ships / roll-on/roll-off type transport

Destination customs clearance

Insurance Services

Flexible options: Freight from one port to another, Freight forwarding or blended

Land transport
Multimodal transportation options / pickup truck / 6-wheeler, 10-wheeler, trainer / extra large cargo, etc.

Full and inclusive transportation

Temperature-controlled transportation / frozen goods

Domestic and border transport

Customs clearance

Clearing of special goods / controlled goods / dangerous goods / machinery / motor vehicles / food and pharmaceutical goods / industrial standard goods

Import and Export Customs Clearance Service Implementation of formal procedures / comprehensive documentation

This includes BOI formalities / permit applications / certificates of origin and legal certification forms.

Loading and unloading / transporting goods through borders
Transportation of goods

Cross-border freight services

Domestic distribution services

Integrated Delivery Services

Lifting & Packing Services

Warehousing & Distribution
Warehousing & Storage Services

Packing, lifting and assembling services

Packing and removing products from the container

Sorting services

Pricing / Re-labeling / Tagging

Quality Inspection Services

Preparation of reports

Supply Chain Management

Product Insurance Services