Wintrans Int’l Logistics Co., Ltd

Wintrans Int'l Logistics Co., Ltd

Wintrans Int’l Logistics Co., Ltd
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Wintrans Int’l Logistics Co., a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions,we providing extensive and professional services in ocean freight,air freight,land freight, distribution, customs clearance, warehousing and logistics.

We have created a network covering all over China and the major port of the world,to keep abreast of changing business circumstances and customer demands,and become a key partner in the global supply chain of numerous multinational enterprises.

We will maintain its focus in satisfying customers needs and continue to strive to become a first class quality and multi functional service provider in China.

We can give you the best possible solution for your total logistics needs.

Project logistics is including transport of large projects and contracted projects for export. Business processes involve chartering, packing, warehousing, port transshipping, customs clearing, inspection declaration, insurance and consultancy.
Our advanced facilities, sound network, senior specialist team and strict handling standards enable us to provide comprehensive, professional and customized solutions to our customers, to provide complete logistics plan and spot handling services for any complex project

Shanghai Hanyang International Cargo Forwarding Co., Ltd. is an import and export integrated international freight forwarding company covering sea, air and multimodal transportation.
The company has a supporting large-scale modern maritime and air logistics warehouse, professional transportation fleet (including dangerous goods transportation and customs supervision vehicles)…


One of our strengths is LCL, which is to centralize goods from different shippers, transport them to the destination port and then distribute them to different consignees. Seemingly complex procedures, after being operated by our experienced professionals, are simplified and made whole. We have a fixed sailing schedule every week, provide preferential freight rates and reliable services, so that your goods flow from the world’s factories into the world’s consumer market.

Special container services

Our sea FCL service also includes special container services such as frame boxes, open top containers, garment hangers, freezers, tank tanks, etc. We have more than ten years of operating experience in the transportation of bridge equipment, construction machinery, precision machine tools and other products, and are experts in special box packing scheme and packing operation, lashing, reinforcement, safety inspection and other aspects. Professional services can be provided at both the port of destination of export and the port of origin of import to ensure the safety of transportation and handover of goods, and prevent subversion, corrosion and contamination of goods during transportation. At the same time, we also provide special services such as loading and unpacking of special boxes and bulky goods, door-to-door transportation at home and abroad, and handling when handing over bulky goods.

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