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WinLogistics provides logistics and distribution management in the just in time movements of various types of commodities and general cargoes, by Air, Land and Sea in operation flow such as Origin trucking, NVOCC consolidator service, custom brokerage, Trans-loading, Domestic trucking, Shipper destination, and Warehouse delivery.


The traditional use of air for high-value, low-volume cargoes will always exist but there is now a clear trend towards the increased use of air transport for many other cargoes.

The benefits of speed and security, very competitive rates and the increased appreciation of the total distribution cost a transit rather than just the freight cost have persiaded many exporters that air freight is a genuine and viable option.

Much of this cargo is carried on scheduled passenger aircraft rather than dedicated freight flights and there has also been an increase in combined services, which link either sea or road transits with air-freight legs, using combined transport documentation.

Just as many of the shipping lines form together into freight conferences, so some 80 % of sceduled air traffic is operated by menbers of the air-freight equivalent, which in the International Air Transport Association ITAT.

Sea fright

The two basic forms of ocean cargo carriers are indentified as Liners and Tramps which based on the nature of the service.

Liners offer regular scedules, between the same ports, based on an advertisd sailing schedule, and carry the majority of inetrnational sea transits, certainly in terms of the number of consignments.

Tramps will carry , genearlly , bulk cargoes from almost anywhere in the world to anywhere else, and negotaite a rate for the job.

Basically three choices are Conference line, Non-conference line and Tramp.

Types of sea freight services are COVENTIONAL which is for non-unitized cargo or break-bulk, CONTAINERIZED , the servcie sometime refer LO/LO, except for the very large Indivisible heavy machinery, MULTIMODEL, which is door-to-door in FCL,

THROUGH DOCUMENTATION which coverd more than sea-freight part of the journey, also mean THROUGH FREIGHT RATES covered thye grater part of the journey.