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Welcome to the website of WhiteStar Logistics where logistics, transportation, and warehousing have remained our specialty for more than 30 years. Located in Dallas, Texas, our services are geared to increase your production and sales while decreasing costs to maximize your profitability.

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Freight Transportation

When you add up the costs required to manage, debug and drive logistics it normally doesn’t come close to the costs of logistical mistakes resulting in stoppage, overtime and delays. That’s why it makes fiscal sense to turn the process over to professionals who’s entire speciality is freight transportation whether by land, sea or air.

Ocean Freight

Sending or bringing in goods via ocean freight means safely navigating the rocks and shoals of shipping rates, surcharges, marine insurance, volume commitments, fuel surcharges, service obligations, contract duration, penalties for causing delays (demurrage), dispute resolution and tricky customs regulations.


The tradition that started with mankind’s invention of the wheel, rolls forward today under the WhiteStar brand. Wheels across town, wheels in the hands of our drivers.

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