Wells Shipping Agency

Wells Shipping Agency

Wells Shipping Agency
Room 2701, Di Wang Tower
Shun Hing Square
No.5002 Shennan Road East
Shenzhen 518008
Guangdong Province
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Shenzhen Merrill Lynch United International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is a leading international logistics service provider, and its air freight forwarding, NVOCC and supply chain management services are industry leaders.

We focus on the field of international logistics and always adhere to stable operation, continuous innovation, open cooperation, provide forward-looking logistics solutions for corporate customers, and are committed to helping customers become industry leaders. At present, we have established branches in China and Russia, and established service networks in 91 countries and regions around the world, providing comprehensive international logistics services to thousands of industry-leading companies.

In a rapidly changing global market, you need instant visibility throughout your supply chain to stay ahead of the competition, from planning, organization, and implementation to execution. Our global logistics services help you get ahead by offering a diverse portfolio of industry solutions that accelerate product flow while minimizing operating costs.

Supply chain management
In a highly competitive and increasingly global business environment, reliable supply chain management can make the difference between success and failure. This is a vital success factor for manufacturers, traders and retailers in many industries.

Whether by air, sea or land, we can transport cargo in the most efficient, cost-effective and reliable way to meet your specific needs.

We have established stable service contracts with major air and shipping carriers around the world, resulting in competitive costs and greater flexibility to tailor transportation solutions to meet your needs. All work is synchronized in real time with our world-leading logistics system, so you can easily get the status of your shipment in a timely and easy manner, no matter where you are.

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