Vrrddhi Freight Pvt Ltd

Vrrddhi Freight Pvt Ltd

Vrrddhi Freight Pvt Ltd
2B, Ega Trade Centre, New no:318,
Poonamallee High Road,
Kilpauk, Chennai 600010, Tamil Nadu
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+914 4 40513333
+914 4 40513334

We are Vrrddhi freight Pvt Ltd, An entrepreneurial logistics & Freight forwarding company. one of the leading providers of integrated logistics services in the region. Offering a complete range of international air & ocean freight and contract logistics and global supply chain solutions, started by a team of 4 leaders from various facets of the freight forwarding industry, having a vast experience. We commenced our operations from the 23rd of July 2014. The name “VRRDDHI” is derived from Sanskrit meaning “RISE GROW SUCCEED”.

We serve our customers with tailor – made integrated supply chain solutions that deliver cargo by sea and air and meet their logistic expectations in time. We have the expertise – and the passion to enable a streamlined flow of goods. We also make your supply chain more transparent and easier to manage.

Our commitment to customers and ability to cater to all client needs, positions us as a reliable logistics service provider and led us to become a strong Indian Subcontinent forwarder with a worldwide network of Chosen agents who operate to our high standards. This ensures our service to your cargo flows to be done efficiently and consistently across the world. We are most obliged in developing pragmatic solutions to complex challenges. Our reach is global and our approach is personal.

We yearn to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated needs of international trade through customized seamless solutions . We understand each customer’s individual business needs. We have considerable flexibility when managing customers’ supply chains. Due to our relationships with local suppliers and global air and ocean partners, we can provide customers with the best routing and pricing options. Our comprehensive, flexible spectrum of services is supported by leading-edge information technology that provides a high level of visibility from end to end.

We are well equipped to handle all emergencies, airport closures, strikes, riots and any other disruptions which can hamper business. Our Expert operations & CS keep our clientele updated and alerted in prior to handle the emergencies effectively from their end too. Our infrastructure and strengths, both at origin and destination mean that we can provide a complete range of solutions for every requirement. We are ready to put ourselves to the test and demonstrate how our passion for solutions can contribute to the success of your business.

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