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Limited Liability Company «Volgo-Baltic Logistic» – is a dynamic enterprise which confidently retains the strong business position in a challenging economy and focuses on key projects of the transport sector.

Our main business is the logistic organization of cargo transportation.

Versatile fleet of the company and wealth of experience allow the company to take up the implementation of the biggest projects and confirm the reputation of a successful player of the transport sector.

Development strategy of VBL especially emphasizes such promising direction as transportation of non-standard, oversized and heavy cargo and also oil products, in order to meet the growing demand for these services from the oil and gas industry.

The company’s capabilities allow to organize the transportation of goods on the basis of long-term contracts in any volumes necessary for the cargo owner by its own numerous fleet. Long-term contracts with transportation volumes of 200-300 thousand tons per year, which Volgo-Baltic Logistic performs for its largest customers with minimal effort, can be increased several times when such a need arises from the cargo owner. If necessary, under long-term contracts, VBL can build new vessels in accordance with the requirements and tasks of the Customer.

The company’s specialists will select for you the best routes for the delivery of goods to both the European and Asian regions, as well as advise on the choice of the safest method of transportation and packaging of goods, assist in organizing cargo transshipment in ports.

In order to protect the interests of the cargo owner and ensure the guarantee of the quality and safety of the goods transported, loading and unloading work in most cases is carried out under the supervision of independent surveyors.