Vikram Logistics Tanzania Limited
Jamhuri Street, Urban Rose Hotel, Mazzanine Floor.
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+255 715 439 843
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About Us Vikram Logistics Tanzania Limited

Vikram Logistics Tanzania Limited ( herein referred as “VLT”) is young and dynamic company with experienced management team which aims to become a leading integrated global logistics and supply chain management company providing business enabling solutions and exceeding customer expectations. The company value on innovative logistic approach with professional work ethics.

Services Vikram Logistics Tanzania Limited

Containerised Cargo

Our company’s containerized cargo division specializes in the movement of a variety of intermodal containers, which allows us to transport large volumes of cargo anywhere around East and Central Africa.

Loose Cargo

With an extensive history in transportation of loose bulk cargo, VLT has always led by the example in the delivery of unpacked deliveries and mass commodity transport in the East African Sahara.

Abnormal Cargo

Confident in the movement of cargo of all shapes and sizes, VLT has the capacity, expertise and equipment to accommodate your specific transporting needs. With vast experience in handling.

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