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Reliable, economic freight and logistic services between virtually every destination in Alaska and the rest of the United States History Founded in 1956, Alaska Traffic Company has been dedicated to excellence in freight transportation and logistics for over 60 years. We specialize in freight and logistics between points in Alaska and the rest of the United States.
Our sea freight forwarding expertise shines through for both importing and exporting cargo container shipping needs. When it comes to ocean container forwarding, you need to have a relationship with a company you can rely on, and Universal Cargo is that company — with the experience and the shipping network to provide reliable ocean freight forwarding services every time. Ocean Freight Forwarding Experts Sea freight forwarding has been a tried and true method of shipping goods all over the world for centuries. There is a reason why so many companies still rely on ocean freight shipping today. It’s a simple, trustworthy method of getting goods to distant locations. But it’s not enough to just ship goods by sea — you need a reliable, experienced ocean freight forwarder who knows the best ways to safely and quickly get your goods to their destination. When it comes to commercial ocean freight, we are the clear experts. We have been specializing in container shipping by sea since 1985, and we are equally comfortable with full container loads and loads that are less than a container full. For shipping FCL, LCL, and refrigerated shipping containers all over the world, we have you covered. We’ve done it all countless times. Just tell us what kind of ocean container you need to ship and we’ll come up with a plan to get it there when you need it.
Air Freight: Commercial Air Freight Forwarding While we offer a variety of freight forwarding methods to get your packages where you need them to go, we take special pride in our air freight services. We know that major companies rely on quality air freight forwarding every day, and we want you to know you can rely on us. For decades, we have been providing high-quality air cargo services that keep our commercial customers coming back to us shipment after shipment. International Air Freight Forwarding Services Whether you’re trying to get your goods from China to the U.S. or the United States to just about anywhere, you can count on Universal Cargo international air freight forwarding services. We ship packages all over the world every day, and when you ship via air freight with Universal Cargo, we think you’ll see the difference immediately. If you need to ship your packages internationally by air, you need Universal Cargo.
Warehousing: Shipping and warehousing go hand in hand, but even if you have great shipping, warehouse issues can hurt your bottom line, your productivity, and your customer service. But how do you know who can provide you with the warehousing services you need, the way you need them? By partnering with the company you already trust to handle all of your shipping: Universal Cargo. International Commercial Warehousing If your business has you shipping products all over the world, those products have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. That means you need a considerable amount of inventory safely stored and easily accessible. You need top-notch international commercial warehousing services, which is exactly what Universal Cargo is able to provide. We’ll store all your international goods, whether you have imported them or are exporting them, and whether you need to store them for a day or for a year. You can be confident that when you need a package to ship out, we’ll get it out right away.

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