Union Cargo International Forwarder Co., Ltd

Union Cargo International Forwarder Co., Ltd

Union Cargo International Forwarder Co., Ltd
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About Union Cargo International Forwarder Co., Ltd

Founded in 2005 , CapitaLand is headquartered in Tianan Cyber ​​City, Longgang, Shenzhen. It has successively set up branches in Shanghai, Ningbo and Wuhan, and plans to set up branches in Dalian, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places. There are long-term partners in all ports in China. The company consists of overseas business department, domestic market department, major customer department, commerce department, customer service department, finance department, dangerous goods department, system management department, human resources department and other departments, with more than 200 employees.

The main business of Guardian Telecom is the multimodal transport of sea, land and air with containers as the main body. At the same time, it covers the transportation of bulk cargo and the business of car ro-ro. The company can also provide professional and efficient logistics consulting, logistics scheme design and other comprehensive international logistics one-stop services. Specifically, it includes related services such as booking, warehousing, towing, customs declaration, inspection declaration and export tax rebate. CapitaLand has a professional dangerous goods operation team, which already occupies a relatively high market share in South China, and its business will gradually expand in Central China and Northeast China. The company has increased its investment in the dangerous goods industry year by year, and it is believed that it will become a new business highlight of the company.

Guardian Telecom has obtained the NVOCC certificate issued by the Ministry of Communications of the People’s Republic of China, and is also a member of the International Freight Forwarding Alliance ( WCA ). The company has long-term cooperation with many shipping companies such as Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping, Hamburg Shipping, Hanjin Shipping, Chilean Shipping, DA Spaceship, Nippon Yusen, and Israel Shipping. In the South American market, the company has an absolute price advantage.

Integrity to pave the golden road, efficient to reach the Quartet

With the rapid development of the global economy today, logistics has become a booster for enterprise development. Under the leadership of General Manager Chen Junjun, Jade Telecom adheres to the principle of dedication, innovation and high efficiency and provides safe, fast and economical logistics services. Import and export logistics services; and integrate the advantages of shipping companies in Central and South America, divide into six major routes of Mexico, Central America, Panama, Caribbean, South America West, and South America East, and establish a safe, fast and economical logistics service network.

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