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Project logistics should streamline challenges, making transport easier for industry, not more complicated. With ongoing requests for logistics support from industry, we knew we needed to offer a solution that would combine both responsiveness and expertise to get things done. Bringing a combined 10 years of experience in logistics and transport in Australia, Europe and North America, we formed UC Logistics Australia in 2015 to offer results-driven outcomes.
Metro Do you need an experienced Perth freight transport service provider that can move your shipment quickly and efficiently within the metropolitan area? In addition to our inter and intrastate and international operations, we have a fleet of metro-based resources to help you with all your local transport needs. Flexible and always professional, we can customise a transport solution to answer your delivery and transport needs.. Intrastate We can meet all your freight transport requirements within WA. From small loads to multiple pallets, we can deliver your product or raw materials within your time scale and budget. With our innovative logistics solutions, you’ll benefit from seamless freight transport and convenient real-time visibility along the way. Interstate Our transport experts can ensure your load travels safely nationwide. We offer comprehensive logistic services for moving your products or materials throughout Australia. With years of experience managing interstate transport, we’ll work with you to create the customised solutions you need. Import and Export For international freight transport and logistics, you need a company that understands the complexities of global transport. We have experience moving goods and raw materials in and out of Australia and have developed an extensive global network to ensure accountability along every point of the supply chain. Our services include air freight, sea freight, customs brokerage and cross docking. Leave the supply chain work to the professionals so you can focus on running your organisation. Multi-modal With skilled transport experts, you can count on multi-modal transportation services that deliver on time and still offer cost savings. We know how to optimise your route every time depending on the type of freight and where your shipment is going. Rail, air, road, barge or intermodal, we understand the pros and cons of each type of transport and how to make it work to your advantage. Warehousing We offer comprehensive warehouse management services so you know your stock is professionally stored and handled. From expert quarantine and preservation activities for the mining and energy industry to transparent inventory reporting and stock accuracy for manufacturing goods, we take care of all the warehousing logistics until your products or materials get to their end customer.

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