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Established in the 1960s, UBTS began operations in Singapore as a fledgling transportation company with only a dozen staff and several trucks. The 1980s saw the commencement of our warehousing, distribution and logistics services where we also began manufacturing 20-45 foot trailers. Since then, we have grown significantly to a staff size of 300 and a fleet of over 1000 vehicles, always making sure never to lose sight of our customers’ current and future needs.

To perpetually revolutionise Asia’s logistics industry and continuously develop unique supply chain management solutions with a specific customer-oriented focus.

To empower our clients through innovative and integrated value-added logistic solutions which are customised to meet their individual needs.

UBTS was primarily founded as a transportation company and, although we have expanded during our 40 years of operation, transportation remains at the core of our expertise. An important component in the competitive operations of many companies, transporting your goods to market and to customers in a timely and efficient manner is essential for any organization.

With our fleet of over 1,000 vehicles, trailers, prime movers and cranes and an extensive network of regional partners and our heavy investment in technology, we are well positioned to move your goods around the country, around the region or across the globe providing unique and precise transportation and shipping information.

UBTS provides the following list of Transport Services:

Container Haulage
Loose Cargo Haulage
Inter-Gateway Haulage (PSA)
Odd-sized (Out of Gauge)
Equipment Haulage
Hazardous Substances (Dangerous Goods)
Lorry Crane Operations
Mobile Crane Operations
Cement Truck Operations
Towing Operations

With an estimated 580,000 square feet of warehousing and storage space at our command, we are well positioned to provide integrated logistics and storage solutions for your business.

Whether it’s packaged goods, electronics or even chemicals, our storage facilities are capable of holding a wide range of products in a safe, controlled environment. All our facilities, under 24-hour security and real-time video surveillance, are managed by expertly trained staff and located strategically for rapid transportation, deployment, and distribution.

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) means the handling of long-term or ad hoc storage services, warehousing, order fulfillment, and distribution can be easily tracked making inventory management straightforward and effortless.

UBTS provides the following list of storage and warehousing services:
Warehouse Management
Storage of Goods
Bonded Storage (GST-free zone)
Chemical Storage

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