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Tsalach Logistica Aduanas
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Tsalach Logistica Aduanas

Refrigerated Cargo We offer a variety of services that guarantee security, coverage and versatility to logistics operations, with the aim of satisfying the needs of our clients. We are constantly innovating to provide the best service. Our mission is to provide our clients with a personalized service, achieving greater efficiency in Operational Management.To be the best option for logistics solutions and innovation in foreign trade with the highest added value in the market.
We develop a global and strategic vision in local and international business. We identify opportunities, we analyze markets with the aim that you can market different products, so that you can undertake a project. One of the greatest advantages of foreign trade is the possibility that people and companies can access more varied and cheaper goods and services (including supplies). Indeed, foreign trade drives competition between different countries that have a different availability of resources. This allows people to access goods that are not produced locally or the same local goods but at a reduced price. Foreign trade also makes it possible to complement domestic production when it is insufficient to satisfy local demand. o.

Customs warehouse

The customs warehouse is that ship, warehouse or other physical location recognized and controlled by the customs authorities, where non-community goods can be stored indefinitely under a suspensive regime or community goods subject to export benefits, until the operator decides to give them a final destination within or outside the community customs territory.
This figure is constituted as a beneficial instrument for those importing companies that operate in international markets as intermediaries and that want to have a stock to be closer to their customers.

Refrigerated Cargo

In the field of logistics, refrigerated goods include goods for which certain constant temperatures must be maintained, both during storage and during transport, since the economic value of the goods depends to a large extent on compliance with that value. These logistical conditions apply above all to food, medicinal, pharmaceutical or chemical products. Although the term “refrigerated cargo” implies the refrigeration of goods, this also includes goods that must be transported or stored at a constant warm temperature. Continuous monitoring and maintenance of the correct temperature is a critical factor for refrigerated cargo. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that the goods reach the recipient in good condition and without damage, especially when transporting refrigerated cargo.

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