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About Traffic International Corp.

TRAFFIC INTERNATIONAL CORP. (TIC) is a California corporation, founded in June 1974. Two years later TIC Brokers Inc. (TIB) and Air Cargo Transportation Inc. (ACT) were established to complement the services offered by Traffic International Corp. Together the TIC group now offers a complete service of international transportation and customs brokerage services to the San Francisco Bay Area region, the Silicon Valley area as well as Central and Northern California. From the very start, the High Technology industry was targeted as a specialization for TIC. The Silicon Valley is home to the majority of our clients, who are mainly concentrated in the High Technology fields. TIC group has extensive experience in all aspects of exporting and importing a variety of products, especially electronics and high technology instruments and machinery as well as their parts and accessories. We are particularly familiar with the semiconductor testing and manufacturing machinery from having handled traffic for major Silicon Valley companies for over the last 40 years.
TRANSPORTING YOUR GOODS BY AIR & SEA Let us transport your imported or exported goods by plane or ship. Our transportation company is reliable and offers on-time services for statewide and overseas shipments. We handle everything from freight forwarding services, customs brokerage services, to third-party logistics.
EXPORT – AIR FREIGHT AND OCEAN FREIGHT: Trust TRAFFIC INTERNATIONAL CORP. for efficient pickup services via our affiliated company, Air Cargo Transportation Inc. (ACT). For your convenience, we offer complete export documentation to make any international sale as easy for you to handle as any domestic transaction. We prepare all required documents, including export license applications (when required), export declarations, bills of lading (air/ocean), consular invoices, completion of commercial invoices, packing lists, and more. We also help with letters of credit and sight draft collections for your peace of mind. To protect your goods during transportation, we arrange insurance for all risks when shipping from warehouse to warehouse. You can easily keep track of your goods with our detailed departure and arrival information, available with the most economical and fastest routing. We follow through with the movement of your shipments to guarantee they arrive as scheduled. For our overseas agents, we offer convenient door-to-door services to ensure your freight gets into the right hands. IMPORT – AIR FREIGHT AND OCEAN FREIGHT: Our licensed customs broker, TIC BROKERS INC., offer personalized service using the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) for fully automated processes. This ensures speedy customs clearance on all forms of entry and delivery to your warehouse. We also offer customs bonds for your peace of mind. Your imported goods will be transported safely thanks to our radio-dispatched clearance personnel and delivery trucks. We are your only point of contact—you do not need to make long-distance calls or deal with fax and telephone expenses for overseas imports. Simply call us to expedite your order or inquire about its status. For further surety, we also provide transportation insurance coverage.

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