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Air freight has two primary advantages: speed and reliability. If you need packages delivered overnight or even the same day, air transportation is the only way to go. Shipping by air is also ideal for fragile or sensitive cargo, such as medical or electronic devices, because air transportation is much smoother than ocean or trucking transport. We recommend air freight if you need an on-schedule delivery; while planes can and do miss sometimes schedules, nevertheless the time frames tend to be more accurate than other forms of transport. Tical Shipping is your best partner for air freight because:

Miami International Airport (MIA) is the tenth largest freight hub in the world and a leading U.S. hub for international freight. It is also the top air cargo hub in the Western Hemisphere. Approximately 30 all-cargo carriers are scheduled in Miami and serve every continent on the globe. We work closely with all Miami cargo carriers as well as passenger-cargo airlines to ship a wide variety of products, including:

More than 80% of all air exports and air imports from Latin America and the Caribbean are routed through MIA. Our location near the airport in Miami enables us to offer fast air freight service for the distribution of your products. We facilitate your air shipments by provide related services including packing and customs clearance. We can also provide bonded, secure warehousing and truck distribution to your plant or stock warehouse.

Tical Shipping has exclusive contracts with most major air cargo carriers. We are able to obtain the capacity you need, when and where you need it, including under-served markets. We also provide full air cargo support, including automated booking confirmations for each shipment and automated tracking. Our multi-lingual staff has built a reputation for integrity and ethics that means when we give you our word, we mean it.

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