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About TEU S.A

We offer our customers high quality transport and supply chain services in a global light and competitive prices with consistency and reliability. We are committed to customer service with a feeling of warmth, friendliness and individual pride.
TEU SA is and will continue to be a leader in the industry, which holds leading positions in the global market. Aiming at our long-term financial stability, we will continue to invest in emerging markets and new business ideas, as well as in the know-how of our employees. In this way, our customers remain completely satisfied with our network and industrial solutions.

Excellent operation
Business excellence in our business processes is vital to operate with the highest productivity, to be competitive and to provide timely and high quality services to our customers.
Our people We
strive to attract and retain talented people by offering responsibilities, empowerment and growth opportunities. We ensure a healthy business mindset and work together as a global family to take business to the next level. Above all, the employees will have the same respect and mentality within the organization that they are expected to share with every customer of TEU SA.

TEU SA provides its own cargo consolidation services (consolidated loading / partial transport) as follows:

Cargo consolidation service from the Far East and Southeast Asia as well as from the ports of India to Greece. In collaboration with our experienced network of agents, we offer direct weekly cargo consolidation services for the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki at the most competitive market prices.

Cargo consolidation service from the United States and Canada, via New York directly to the port of Piraeus and in transit to the port of Thessaloniki and the Balkans .

Cargo consolidation service from Piraeus / Thessaloniki to Cyprus , as well as a very competitive Door-to-Door service throughout Cyprus