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Logistics constituent is the one of the most important in any business. And if you leave for us this part of work, you can be sure we understand its importance to you and appreciate your trust.

We aim on the service “all in the same hands” and “turnkey”. In our opinion, it is exactly such the partner, and such the service that is the most effective and efficient solution for our client – for you. This principle allows us to take upon ourselves responsibility for the end results and to achieve it successfully.

Recently in Ukraine more and most companies realized the need to start foreign-economic activity of enterprises for a more successful and competitive business development. But not for each of them this task is easy and convenient to solve, therefore we offer our services in this area at all stages of logistics processes taking into account the peculiarities and specificity of our country. We manage your business from the moment of our acquaintance.

We are pleased to offer you a complex or separate services as follows:

Consulting on Foreign Economic Activity: making trade contracts, consulting on customs legislation
Foreign Economic Activity Services: brokerage services, logistics services, delivery services, international cargo transportation services, cargo insurance, warehousing, storage of goods, distribution in Ukraine
Customs-brokerage services: customs clearance of goods, import, export, temporary import, temporary export, processing, ATA-carnet clearance, accreditation, reaccreditation, IOR service, EOR service, signing letters at customs
Importer of Records
Exporter of Records
Event logistics: concert logistics, show logistics, project logistics, expo services maintaining
Obtaining permissive documents: certificates of conformity, hygienic certificates, SSU permit, Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies permit, Narcotics control services permit, gemology conclusions, explanatory letters