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About TDL


We serve with passion and commitment to become your Business Partner No.1
Every shipment is different and therefore, we provide you with the Best Alternative to make your Delivery or Collection a Unique, Reliable and Safe Experience!

To achieve this, we have

Qualified, professional and friendly staff.
Competitive Quotes.
Personalized follow-up
Nissan Units, 3.5 Tons, Rabón, Thorton & Trailer Boxes of 48′ & 53′
Local, National and International Coverage
Maritime Service (FCL & LCL)
Air Service
Cargo Insurance
Customs Clearance

Dedicated Service
Ideal to Save Transit Time, Meet Urgent Deliveries and to Grow Your Business.
Local Service CDMX and State of Mexico
Depending on your shipping needs, the units have Reverse Alarm, Spark Killer, Fumigation Certificate, Operators with vest, safety glasses, License type E (for Dangerous Cargo).
Foreign Service with units with Federal Plates & GPS.
One Unit for every need: Nissan, 3.5 Tons, Rabón, Thorton & Caja Trailer de 48′ & 53′ FTL National Cargo Regular and Dangerous Cargo Platform Service Laredo- Mexico- Laredo.

Maritime Service
Does Your Company Buy or Sell to Other Countries?
International Trade Has No Borders, Communications are Instantaneous and Products reach Consumers increasingly far from where they are produced.
To ensure the success of your business and take it to other markets:

We Advise You Integrally from Beginning To End Of Each Shipment
We have a Wide Network of Agents Worldwide.
FCL and LCL service for Regular and Dangerous Cargo.
Connection to the main International Ports.
We provide tracking of your shipment so that you have certainty and security in each shipment.

Experience at your service / Commitment / Responsibility

Air Service
The Best Cost/Benefit for Every Shipment with the Agility and Promptness Needed to Fly Your Boarding and Your Dreams!
Backed by extensive professional networking.
Service with connection to major airports around the world.
Comprehensive advice for each guide.
Personalized follow-up.

Experience at your service / Commitment / Responsibility / Sense of Urgency

Plus Service
In our experience, it is essential to complement our Transport and Logistics services with services such as: it is essential to complement our Transport and Logistics services with services such as:
Cargo Insurance with National and International Coverage with competitive rates, ideal for valuable goods.
Temporary Storage Services to attend to procedures, unforeseen events of any kind.
Cross Dock to make Loading, Unloading and Distribution maneuvers.
Customs clearance at borders, AICM and ports
International Moving Service.
Integral Advice, We visit your Warehouse to study your Needs and solve those details that prevent you from growing your business due to logistical or planning deficiencies.

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ARCO RIGHT: Faculty that the Holder has to exercise the right of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition in accordance with the Law and in accordance with the exceptions contained therein, as well as in this Privacy Notice, in relation to personal Data obtained or collected directly or personally, through electronic means or through the internet portal of TDL Agentes de Carga Internacional, S.A. DE C.V. RIGHT OF ACCESS: It is the right that the Owner has, which in accordance with the Law and this PRIVACY NOTICE, to request from TDL Agentes de Carga Internacional, S.A. DE C.V. information about their Personal Data. RIGHT OF RECTIFICATION: Faculty that the Holder has to update or modify their Personal Data and / or Sensitive Personal Data. RIGHT OF CANCELLATION: Each Owner has the right to request at any time that their Personal Data be deleted, which will happen once the blocking period has elapsed. BLOCKING: It implies the identification and conservation of personal data, once the purpose for which they were collected is fulfilled, and its purpose is to determine the possible responsibilities in relation to their treatment, until the legal or contractual limitation period of these. During this period, your Personal Data will not be processed and after this, it will be canceled in the corresponding database or file. Once the corresponding data has been cancelled, the Responsible Will give the Holder the corresponding notice. In the event that the Personal Data has been transmitted prior to the date of rectification or cancellation and continues to be processed by third parties, the Responsible will inform the third party in question, said requestrectification or cancellation, so that it can proceed to carry it out as well. 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CONTENT AND SCOPE OF THE PRIVACY NOTICE According to point Six of the GUIDELINES, the principle of information consists of the obligation of the person responsible to inform the holders about the existence and main characteristics of the treatment to which their personal data will be subjected, in order that they can exercise their rights to informative self-determination, privacy and protection of personal data. The processing of the personal data of the Owner that have been made available to TDL Agentes de Carga Internacional, S.A. DE C.V. under any form or circumstance, derived from any of the activities that the corporate purpose of the company allows us, among which we find, the purchase, sale, import, distribution, export, commercialization, lease, sublease, distribution of all kinds of movable property, among others, may be carried out in accordance with this PRIVACY NOTICE, so from this moment it is understood that the Owner grants his consent for such treatment. The information of Personal Data and / or Sensitive Personal Data, which is collected or is delivered to TDL Agentes de Carga Internacional, S.A. DE C.V. directly from the Owner with his full consent, will have the use that in an enunciative but not limiting way is described below: i) identify you, ii) locate you iii) communicate, contact iv) send you information and / or merchandise, v) statistical, evaluate the quality of the services and vi) In general to provide the services and products you have requested, as well as their transmission to third parties by any means permitted by law. The use of Personal and / or Sensitive Data will be directly related to the relationship you have as a consumer, worker, supplier or client. It is the responsibility of the Owner of the Personal Data, to guarantee that their data, provided to TDL Agentes de Carga Internacional, are truthful and complete, and is responsible for communicating to TDL Agentes de Carga Internacional, any modification in them so that the obligation to keep the information updated can be fulfilled. The temporality of the handling of the Personal Data of the Holder will depend on the legal relationship that is concluded with TDL Agentes de Carga Internacional, as well as the obligations required by current legislation and the competent authorities. In all cases the information will be saved sonly for a reasonable time at the discretion of the latter.

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