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Super (India) Logistics founded by Mr. Deepak Ahlawat in 2007 with small fleet of 5 vehicles. On April 2015 company was taken over Ltd. Mr. Ahlawat himself has an experience of over 16 years in transport field making him enable to put in vision for a well organized transport company to serve this growing industry and expand with it. Before 9 years company started with 5 vehicles now owns 250 vehicles and self driven experienced team to build and retain business.
Redefine the rules in the Indian Transport Industry by providing the best and path finding solutions with flexibility to adopt new practices, policies and technology to meet our customer’s requirements”.

is specialized road transport and logistics business, focusing on all types of Material. We are committed for achieving sustainable growth through the practice of good corporate governance, the provision of excellent customer service, and technologically advanced logistical solutions with the highest safety standards.

Multimodal Transportation is our specialized service that complements the surface logistics in offering optimal multimodal solutions and faster deliveries. Our experience in surface network design results in cost effective routing of valuable goods This door-to-door pickup and delivery service is backed by our experts team. All goods requires a careful handling due to its subtle and time sensitive nature. A dedicated team of specialized experts man available 24×7. This team has expertise and experience in completing the various documentation formalities required for different product categories across different travelling to different states.

can increase the effectiveness and flexibility of your supply chain with our Warehouse Management services. Whether it’s optimizing your existing warehousing and distribution network or adding new capabilities, our warehousing services help you increase warehouse performance with best-in-class technology, extensive IT support, and our value added capabilities.