Sublime Logistics PBC

Sublime Logistics PBC

Sublime Logistics PBC
19 Van Praagh Avenue
Milton Park
Mr. Harry Walaza
[email protected]

Logistic Sublime is a company created by two partners (Lucas Torelli and Fabian Esteban de local) with extensive experience in the field of courier and e-commerce. It was designed and designed for all types of sellers in the wide universe of online sales and its different applications either in social networks or private sales but focusing on the FLEX sales of MercadoLibre with the commitment and guarantee that the shipment will be delivered on the day. Our base is located in a comprehensive center of mechanics, sheet metal and paint to guarantee a fleet in excellent condition, a place of its own installed more than three decades ago, is located just 1 block from the entrance of the west access. within our capital we have our own crane, van van and a second covered shed to offer a safe place to store stock if requested.
Sublime’s mission is to boost the sale and profit of our customers with a package of measures designed for all types of businesses. not only with its extremely economical prices but also accompanying you and providing solutions in all phases, from the moment of stocking until the shipment is delivered. We take care of answering the concerns of buyers from the moment the delivery activity begins so that you only have to worry about attending to your business. We have 2 own sheds: with the best location in terms of logistics, at the base where the distribution activity begins in parallel there is a mechanical workshop with access to two streets so we drastically reduce the possibility of setbacks due to failure in the vehicles. The second warehouse works as a warehouse for customers who do not have a physical place to store their merchandise.

+ We also work on Saturdays: Do not miss a day of sales, with us you can offer the flex delivery service on Saturdays also without any additional cost.

+ Our most precious capital are our drivers: we are a real work team, the two partners have more than 10 years of experience in this work and we note with displeasure that many couriers pay only 20% of the tariff to their workers so they usually constantly change their employees.
On the other hand, in sublime the drivers earn more than 80% encouraging our colleagues to have an excellent predisposition when it comes to working. Thanks to this policy our drivers are fixed, trustworthy and speaking in Creole they wear the shirt with pride, joy and a great feeling of belonging.

+ The service is door to door: a fixed driver will be designated for your business, pick up your orders at a previously agreed time and take you to the base to make the division of the shipping zones.

+ The delivery base is in an ideal location: It is in the heart of the GBA on Route 201 (Avenida Ing. Marconi), just 250 m from the climb to Acceso Oeste towards CABA, 4.5 km from General Paz (junction Acceso Oeste and General Paz) and 200 m from the Acceso Oeste towards Moreno.
Other distances: 5.5 km of route 4 (Avenida Márquez), 4.6 km of Devoto by route 201 (Avenida Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear), 4.8 km of the Camino del Buen Ayre highway (going through the West Access) among other main arteries.

+ Transparency, honesty and commitment are our banner of ideals, if you are looking on the internet for a delivery service you will have noticed that many of them do not have the rates on their page. Our team keeps a fervent eye on books that are sent in PDF format daily for both our drivers and the customers who choose us. These PDFs are sent in three periods: daily, weekly and monthly so you have a clear control of your sales.

+ We are the most economical option: our prices have no competition, we also guarantee 6 months of fixed rate to our new customers to generate stability in their accounts canceling all kinds of economic uncertainties. Not always cheap is expensive and this is the clear example, the cost of shipping is the cheapest to boost the growth of businesses and SMEs that choose us. It is simple, the more orders are distributed the better the distribution of the areas among the drivers making the activity much more effective (forget about being until 11 at night with orders still open).

+ we do not charge the second visit: if we can not contact the buyer and there is no one at home we reschedule the delivery without any charge, the missing or changes are not charged either

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