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About Us Square Worldwide Logistics Pvt Ltd

Problem solving is made very easy by involvement of more than 20 Plus years experienced representatives
Professional and systematic approach towards achieving delivery schedules
Information flow is made easy by providing the current information right across the table
Very flexible in adhering to the service levels required by the customer
Our team is dedicated to : reaching the right product at the right time ,in the right condition at the right place
We work out the best optimum rate for the client to make sure schedules are met
Our adaptable staff are on hand to make certain that all runs smoothly, whatever the situation
Our specialists prepare all paper work necessary to move cargo from the importing carrier to the ultimate consignee.
We keep abreast of Customs and Department of Trade regulations to ensure correct classification of goods in compliance with applicable laws

Services Square Worldwide Logistics Pvt Ltd

Air Freight (Inbound/Outbound)

In air cargo transportation, we understand the timeliness and punctuality are essential for clients. At Square Worldwide Logistics Pvt Ltd, we fullfill our responsibility of transporting your cargo to the desired destinations safely.

In order to offer clients the most responsive service possible, our Air Cargo specialists maintain close relationships with all airlines operating in India.

Our specialists have many years of experience in the area of air cargo shipments. They are dedicated to using their knowledge to achieve speed, economy, precision and safety

Ocean Freight (Inbound/Outbound)

Square Worldwide Logistics Pvt Ltd has knowledge in the consolidation of small quantity cargo and container loading. This expertise combined with our skilled and experienced staff allows us to give each shipment the full attention it requires, and transport client cost- effectively.

Square Worldwide Logistics Pvt Ltd monitors your cargo at all times, allowing our staff to prepare and complete the necessary documentation in time for ship’s arrival (or departure).

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