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About Us Southern Logistics Joint Stock Company

SOUTHERN LOGISTICS JOINT STOCK COMPANY – SOTRANS was established in 1975 with the main warehouse and transportation system of the commercial industry. By 2007, SOTRANS transformed from a State – owned enterprise to a Joint Stock Company and has been operating strongly. in the fields of multifunctional warehouses, petroleum trading, and international freight forwarding. SOTRANS is currently one of the leading companies in the international freight forwarding industry, import – export freight forwarding and multi-functional warehouse services in Vietnam.

Services Southern Logistics Joint Stock Company

Air Transport

Agent selling freight and transportation contracts with many major airlines in the world with high flight frequency, large payload and flying to almost anywhere in the world such as airlines: Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Japan Airlines, China Airlines, Eva Air, Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines, United Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Air France, Cargolux, Vietnam Airlines.
Sea shipping
  • Providing customers with services to send export and import goods by sea from Vietnam to anywhere in the world and vice versa.
  • Strong markets include: USA, EUs, JAPAN, ASIA.
  • Service quality is guaranteed by direct routes through a long-standing and reputable dealer network.
  • Competitive prices and fastest transit time, always associated with carrier liability insurance.
International Multimodal Transportation
International multimodal transport, also known as combined transport, is a method of transporting goods by at least two or more different modes of transport, on the basis of a single transport contract. multimodal loading from a point in one country to a designated point in another country for delivery. Multimodal transport service combines modes of transport such as sea – air, air – train – road or a combination of all these methods in an appropriate way to ensure Fast shipping time and maximum cost savings.

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