Soaring International Spedition Co., Ltd

Soaring International Spedition Co., Ltd

Soaring International Spedition Co., Ltd
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About us
We provide professional air, sea, express, rail transportation, customs declaration, warehousing, e-commerce logistics, import services and other services, to provide our customers with safe, convenient and efficient transportation solutions.

Shenzhen Suying International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a new type of comprehensive logistics enterprise such as shipping, air transport and express delivery established by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People’s Republic of China and strongly supported by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. The initial registered capital of the first phase was 5 million yuan. The company is committed to international freight forwarding, NVOCC business, import and export of goods and technology, road general cargo transportation and supply chain management.

Scope of services
Relying on the location advantages of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the company provides air freight import and export services. At the same time, we maintain close cooperation with the booking and ground at major domestic airports. Undertake the transportation of general cargo, project cargo, battery cargo, dangerous goods commercial flight transportation and charter business transportation from various cities in China to the rest of the world.

Shenzhen Airport: BR, CA, CZ, HU, KE, MU, OZ, PO, RU, UPS, ZH

Hong Kong Airport: AF, AY, BA, CV, CX, EK, LH, PO, QR, RU, SQ, SU, SV, TG, TK, W5, ZP

Guangzhou Airport: CZ, MF, TK, HU, BR, OZ, FD, UA, SQ

Beijing Airport: CA, CZ, KL, RU, SK, SQ, LH, LO, UA, NH, TK, TG

Shanghai Airport: MU, CZ, CA, CI, EY, EK, ET, KE, KL, NH, UL, OZ, SQ, TG

Zhengzhou Airport: CV, CX, 7L, 5C, U3, RU

Action cases

In 2013, the project goods of Xiamen LED display were transported by air from Guangzhou to the Netherlands.

In 2014, the project of Shenzhen mounting equipment was transported by air to the Netherlands.

In 2015, the garment projects in Beijing, Ningbo, Jinhua and other places were transported by air from Beijing to Russia.

In 2016, LED lighting projects in Xiamen, Zhuzhou, Ningbo and other places were transported by air from Hong Kong to Germany.

In 2017, LED lamps, machinery and equipment from Guangzhou, Changsha and other places were transported through Hong Kong to the ground operation and air charter flights in Germany and Bulgaria.

In 2018, Suzhou filling machine (oversized goods) was transported by air through Shanghai to New York, Chicago, USA.

In 2019, Zhejiang Deqing pharmaceutical materials (temperature control requirements) were transported by air from Shanghai to Barcelona.

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