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Company of solid prestige, founded in 2003.

Our objective is to provide a Comprehensive service in matters of Import and export for the Honduran market.

Its comprehensive system fully complies with the issues of Distribution, Logistics, Warehouse, insurance and Customs, resulting in an efficient and effective service for the import and export issue.

Our work team complies with the specific knowledge on the handling of all types of cargo and equipment, this being an indispensable tool when handling cargo.

Our main station in the state of Florida allows us to deploy in areas such as Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia, facilitating Export and import, for all types of manageable merchandise within the service system, additionally we contemplate In our service, the Insurance and customs issue, as a complement to everything that is our management and general service with the term of Shipping Cargo Service.

Today, large consortiums and industries worldwide handle their cargo emergencies, through the Air Cargo system, this being the fastest and most effective way to meet their customers in the most critical moments.

SM- Cargo – manages its Air cargo department from its main base in the state of Florida, thus allowing to receive and send cargo within this division, anywhere in the world.

Our commitment is contemplated and personalized, in an efficient and dynamic way for the handling of your cargo by land, regardless of the origin, since we have a specific structure and platform for handling it and that allows us to reach That Origin or point that you as a client occupy or require at the time of logistics on Export or Import.