SKG Logistics Services is most innovative logistics company that reaches out to provide comprehensive logistics solution. The young and dynamic management team at SKG Logistics Services contributes greatly with their new thinking by adapting new technology, applying latest and modern methods in the field to help the needs of customer’s.
We constantly strive to develop better, more efficient ways to do business, whether it is by implementing cutting-edge technology, increasing the number of services we provide or expanding our network of branches and warehouses. This dynamic mind-set is reflected in our motto “Reaching Out” and demonstrates a tradition of innovation which is intrinsic to every part of SKG Logistics Services.
SKG Logistics Services Strategic alliance with carriers uphold the principles of excellence and value we at SKG Logistics Services intend to pass on to our esteemed customer’s.

Ocean Freight Services
As a registered Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and a third-party logistics provider (3PL), we can offer our clients competitive ocean freight rates.

Road Freight Services
Road transport is a classic method of freight carriage and remains a versatile option. At SKG Logistics Services we offer all kinds of national and international road transport.

Relocate to a new place is an extremely tedious occupation and includes stressful and tumultuous timetable of packing and shifting the merchandise

Packaging Solutions
SKG Logistics Services is expert in proving specialized Packaging solutions to it customer’s. We offer almost any kind of packaging service to Corporate World.

Custom Brokerage
Customs brokerage is the regulatory clearance of goods shipments across international borders. Under VTL Customs Clearance Service,

Project Logistics
In project logistics, transport projects that are more complex, more extensive, more challenging and often oversized than average are carried out.

Personal Effects Shipping
Personal effects shipping involves sending personal belongings across country or internationally. Typically travellers send their possessions

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