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Sigmai is a dynamic forwarding and logistics agency operating the entire range of supply chain services with a professional and dedicated team and a global network of affiliations and commercial partners.

Our business is to facilitate your international trade requirements by providing expert knowledge and services in all aspects of forwarding, customs brokerage and supply chain management solutions.

Years of experience and professional resources offer a complete portfolio of services. Our strong and dedicated employee base provides your account with personal care and attention, handling your shipment competently and with full transparency. Our one-stop-shop approach concentrates all your needs under one roof assigning a team member to execute and follow-up on the entire process, freeing you to do what you do best.

Complex supply chain management and forwarding procedures require expertise in many markets and professional fields. We are trained to see the entire picture for you, to simplify the process and make sure nothing is overlooked that can jeopardize your business.

Experienced in addressing the unique requirements of any project large or small, we are:

Competitive on large scale project management & solutions
Innovative in specialized projects that require customized, more creative solutions.
Your need will always benefit from the same professional infrastructure of employees, contacts and service providers giving you excellent, personal service at the best price possible.

Our global forwarding network of affiliations provides us with a worldwide foot print offering trade solutions anywhere in the world. These top of the league service providers cover every market and mode of transportation
and are available to all our customers.

Sigmai employs state-of-the-art forwarding IT tools enabling direct online communnication with service providers and international authorities to handle your business efficiently.