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SIC & Logistica S.R.L.
#SicLogisticais a company specialized in logistics of international transport of land cargo, as well as the provision of international transport insurance and other additional services; Our function is to facilitate the export and import of whatever your merchandise, seeking at all times the maximum satisfaction of our customers

Our company is dedicated to finding the best alternative for the logistics of any type of merchandise or product, integrating in the best way the main factors involved in this process.

Air Transport
If your cargo is with great urgency #SicLogisticalook for the most appropriate, fast and economical airline and route, so that your shipment reaches the destination in the shortest possible time. We have a sufficient human and mechanical team to face any request that is required on cargo handling (palletizing, packaging, etc …)

We do consolidation of loose cargo (LCL-LCL) and transport of FULL containers. Merchandise in general, dangerous cargo, refrigerated, machinery, among others. Cargo for projects anywhere in the world, with the best security

Ground Transportation
We do the service of merchandise in general, dangerous cargo, refrigerated, machinery of all kinds, among others, we have at your disposal the land transport units that you need with the best control and monitoring that #SicLogisticahas for you throughout the national territory.

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