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About Us Shriniwas Logistics Services Pvt. Ltd.

In our company’s growth, always it has been contribution of our client’s faith & dedication of all team members.
Our biggest strength is our Team Work & Internal Co-Ordination.

Services Shriniwas Logistics Services Pvt. Ltd.

Domestic Transport

We provide local logistics services and move your freight from the pick-up point to the shipment destination.
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This service shall allow you to enjoy shipment of goods at your Local shipping address. Experienced and expert drivers ensure timely pick up of goods and its delivery at the shared addresses.
The services are effective and efficient.

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding refers to the intermediary travel between the producer of the goods and their destination. As international freight forwarders, SLS offers a range of transport options such as sea, land, and air freight, with the responsibility of negotiating with carriers to provide the best route possible through price, speed, and reliability considerations.

Custom Clearance & Forwarding

Custom clearance services India, our experts support clients to have the goods cleared via customs Quickly and Efficiently using our Electronic Customs Clearance Network at India’s any Custom Port of Entry.
Shriniwas Logistics Services can even preclear shipment before arrival, so import cargo can be delivered without any delay or at any added expense.
Once cargo clears customs, our turnkey services can be used to make transportation and delivery arrangements throughout India.

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