SFS Cargo Express, Inc

SFS Cargo Express, Inc

SFS Cargo Express, Inc
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We are a company with more than 22 years of experience and our objective is to satisfy the needs of our clients, thanks to the quality of the service that identifies us, we have been recognized, chosen and recommended by our clients, who have helped us to be every day we improve and improve our commercial activity.

The SFS Cargo Express service consists of receiving the merchandise and / or correspondence, inspecting it, identifying it, repacking it (if necessary), consolidating it (under the Client’s prior instructions), transporting it by air or sea, managing Customs Procedures ( according to the type of transportation service contracted) and deliver it to the address that the Client has previously indicated.

1. Consolidation for Air and Sea Cargo (LCL Service):

Consolidation for Air Cargo: Air shipments are made daily, usually delivering in 24 hours. We offer general cargo, priority or courier services.

Consolidation for Ocean Cargo: We can receive small goods from a customer, prepare and pack independently but meets together with cargo from other customers to be able to fill and ship in a container. This service is not Recommended when the volume is very low since the minimum charges of the maritime They are very high.

2. Containers:
The FCL service (full container) is provided, which consists of filling the container or the full service that includes freight, documentation and filling.

3. Warehousing:
We offer our warehouses as a service to store the merchandise of our customers with effective security systems, computerized surveillance 24 hours a day and a modern cage for high-value goods.

4. Distribution:
We receive merchandise from our customers to be redistributed to their customers end customers.

5. Inventories:
We process your merchandise, registering and classifying your products with order and accuracy, We check, recount and document the physical existence of it.

6. Shopping:
Shopping service is offered in the United States to our customers, no matter where meet. You can generate the purchase or simply make the payment, we receive your purchase in our warehouses and we wait for packing instructions, packaging and shipping.

7. Packing and Packing:
At the request of our customers SFS Cargo Express offers the service of preparing your goods in different types of packaging including E Containers, D Containers, pallets, wooden boxes, huacales, among others. Materials must be adapted to the product requirements and facilitate storage, handling and protection of the product during transport.

8. International Courier:
SFS offers the courier service for Ecuador and Panama, with daily shipments and deliveries in 24, 48 and 72 hours. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to keep track throughout the shipping journey and distribution.

9. In / Out:
Merchandise is received from the customer and we await instructions to be removed from Our wineries.

10. Pickups:
Pickup service is offered within the Florida area and/or in any state in the USA.

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