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Expedite the international shipping time of your freight by sending it via air as opposed to sea. With our low cost air freight rates transit time will be cut down and your cargo will arrive at it’s destination within days. We can ship freight anywhere in the world door to door at a low cost. We receive bulk rates from airlines and pass the savings onto our clients. Our extensive global network will facilitate the delivery of your freight to even the most remote areas in the world. Our door to door delivery of cargo will include trucking, air transportation, customs clearances and any other special needs that your shipment requires


Do you need to ship hazardous materials? We specialize in unique, complicated international shipments. We make sure that your air freight is packaged and processed properly for fast customs clearance and delivery.

Does your business have air freight that needs to be shipped internationally on an ongoing basis? We will streamline your import/export air freight to make the shipments arrive at their destination quickly and at a low cost. Avoid unnecessary delays by having our expert logistics team organize your shipment now.

Have special shipping requirements? We have shipped all types of cargo Want to get started? First start by telling us about your shipment and one of our expert customs brokers will contact you with shipping rates. We will need to know some basic information about your shipment to ensure an accurate quote. The information that is required to provide an estimate is the origin address, destination address, description of goods, quantity and dimensions. If you are unsure about some of this information please let us know and we will provide an estimated cost or help you find the required information for an accurate rate.

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