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SERCOGUA Group aspires to maintain a continuous quality of our International Logistics Services, building long-term loyalty with our customers in order to develop our expansion in the Americas.

In SERCOGUA Group, we offer services associated with the import and export of cargo, we are committed to guaranteeing high quality service; offering the best connection between suppliers, intermediaries and buyers, with the best and reliable time in transit, information management, security and customer satisfaction.

Sercogua Group in 1998 identified the lack of efficient customs services, for this reason through human resources with high capacities in efficient and effective management of cargo shipments decides to start in theGuatemalanmarket Sercogua Group was born in 1998 with the purpose of building an organization that taking advantage of the experience of its human resource in the efficient and effective management of cargo shipments, It manages to offer or provide added value to the lack of these in the market. Sercogua Group has undoubtedly occupied a favorable position in the Central American Region, stimulating strategies that benefit the importance of relying on qualified, trained and capable human resources to know the dynamic nature of the day to day in the International Logistics market.

Our Customs department guarantees that all operations are handled in a timely manner, providing our clients with the ability to properly naturalize and offer all the services of procedures.

Working through air, sea and land transport we provide our clients with the necessary method they need to effectively transport their imports and exports.

With total coverage in the countries where we are, we manage to deliver their goods at the client’s door according to their requirement.

We provide the availability of Fiscal and General Cargo Warehouses so that our customers have a safe place to store their cargoes.

Having trained personnel in over-heavy cargo gives us the opportunity to offer our customers the handling and support in the transport of special oversized and heavy shipments.