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About Us Senta Green Shipping

If you are seeking reliable and fastest cargo shipping services in the UAE, then you are at the right place. Senta Green Shipping offers a dedicated end – to – end logistics service managed by a team of friendly.

Services Senta Green Shipping

Air Freight

When time is of the essence and shipments must be transported over long distances, using our air freight forwarding and air cargo services in UAE, with schedules on all major routes around the world.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight has become the most popular form of international shipping owing to its speed and cost – effectiveness. We have a skilled team and take great pride in providing a service that stands out for its professional level and close collaboration.

Land Freight

Land freight transportation is a challenging process since trucks can become unavailable at any time. We offer land transport to our clients and ensure that their goods arrive promptly and without any delays. We can tailor road freight solutions to your needs, making them as efficient.

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