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Seaworld-Samrat Group is owned/managed by the Puri Family. The Group’s main focus/strength has been liner shipping and Mr. Puri is considered to be one of the most respected/successful professional in this field in India, with an enviable track record of having represented some of the largest liner shipping companies in the world, including NOL/APL in the capacity of Executive Chairman and majority stakeholder in the joint venture for their Indian network for almost two decades.

Simultaneously, the Puri Group developed a totally dedicated agency network for Contship and later CP Ships. At one stage, in the late 1990s / early 2000s when Mr. Puri was heading both the organizations, he was responsible for generating/handling almost 20% of India’s total containerized traffic which clearly reflected the market strength of the Group (during all these years, a leading market share was developed and maintained in major trade lanes for all the principals represented by the Group).

India has, over the years, emerged as a large trader in bulk commodities e.g. coal, iron ore, manganese ore, agriculture products and crude oil/petroleum etc. Foreseeing such potential, Seaworld have, in the last decade or so, diversified into the field of handling tramp business (dry and liquid bulk vessel) also and have already been very successful in developing/maintaining a significant volume of business to be able to retain its prominence as one of the largest shipping agency houses, representing several leading ship owners and traders in the world, with an average monthly traffic of about 200 vessels/calls i.e. about 2,500 vessels/calls per annum. In a service industry, it is most important to develop a strong and professional management team and this is what has been responsible for Seaworld’s continued success in providing total satisfaction to their clients in India and principals abroad.