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Shenzhen Starry Yuanhang Logistics Co., Ltd. is oriented as a comprehensive logistics service provider, which mainly undertakes international shipping services, international multimodal transport services, air/express services, global LCL services, warehousing and distribution, land trailers, and project transportation logistics. Scheme planning, agency customs declaration and inspection, third-party logistics, trade and shipping consulting, etc. At the same time, we also provide customers with one-stop supply chain management services. Our company has its own online cargo tracking system, booking and warehousing system.

Shenzhen Starry Yuanhang Logistics Co., Ltd. is also good at the comprehensive logistics and transportation of large-scale ultra-high, ultra-wide and ultra-long goods such as construction machinery & production line equipment. It has a complete one-stop operation platform: ultra-low trolley road transportation, rich Wharf and warehouse lashing & fixing operation experience, special channel release for special cargo at wharf, etc…

Shenzhen Starry Yuanhang Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen in 2009. It has a very complete overseas agency network around the world, and can provide door-to-door one-stop service and DDU/DDP/DAP from any country and region in the world… We have established long-term and deep business relationships with world-renowned transportation suppliers. The main shipping suppliers are: EVERGREEN, YANGMIN, WHL, COSCO, PIL, MAERSK, CMA-CGM… The main air transportation suppliers are: CX, EK, TG, PO,SQ,CZ,AC,CA,MU,HX,KL,CZ,QZ,LA,CM… The main express suppliers are:FEDEX,DHL,TNT,UPS…

Our company has a very complete global overseas agent network (including WCA/CQR/IATA/GLW/GLOBALINK and other international alliance internal networks, we are one of the members), can provide one-stop door-to-door import to Chinese mainland from any country and region in the world and logistics services in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
If you do not have import and export rights and want to purchase goods from overseas countries, we can provide you with the following door-to-door full supporting services:
1, Help you pay for the goods to overseas suppliers (overseas suppliers need to find by yourself)
2. Help you arrange door-to-door pick-up and overseas local export customs declaration services overseas
3. Arrange the most suitable transportation mode according to the actual situation of your goods and the country where the supplier is located (including FCL import by sea, LCL import by sea, air import, express import, international railway import transportation)
4. Goods arrive at any port in China for import customs clearance and commodity inspection services, and some commodities handle import license services
5. After the entry customs releases the goods, arrange local truck delivery service at the port
6. If the goods need to be sent to the bonded warehouse, you only need to go through the customs entry and transit procedures to arrange the delivery of customs supervision vehicles into the designated bonded warehouse

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