Savino Del Bene Corp. (Canada)

Savino Del Bene Corp. (Canada)

: Savino Del Bene Canada
Toronto 7615 Kimbel street
Suite 8 and 9 L5S 1A8
: Mississauga
: Canada
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: +1 905 672 5212
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Savino Del Bene founded his eponymous company in the Cradle of the Renaissance, Florence. Led by him until the 1950s, it remained operational even after two world wars.

Ocean freight:
Maritime shipping is at the center of our daily operations. Our well-established relationships with reliable ocean carriers, state-of-the-art tracking technology, guaranteed cargo space and extremely competitive rates, ensure that you will receive the best customized ocean shipping services.

Air Freight:
We are among the leading experts in the international airfreight industry and offer exceptional air shipping services. A global team of specialists will analyze your needs in order to propose the best air freight solutions for any trade lane or destination. By working with Savino Del Bene you will have access to dedicated cargo space, and competitive prices, due to our long term partnerships with all the major international carriers.

Care is taken to book your cargo by truck or rail using the best route and safest method so that your merchandise arrives in excellent condition. At Savino Del Bene, only the top certified carriers are used and are selected based on their safety record, professionalism and compliance with environmental regulations.

Integrated Logistics:
At Savino Del Bene, we provide you with everything you need to make sure your supply chain remains strong, efficient, and competitive. Our bonded warehouses, automated storage facilities, innovative security systems, all play a part in our ability to successfully manage your supply chain.

Customs Clearance:
At Savino Del Bene, we offer a fast and secure customs clearance service to ensure smooth transit of your shipments. Every country has their own specific customs entry procedures and requirements and our experienced brokerage specialists can efficiently handle all phases of the customs clearance process for both imports and exports. On your behalf we submit the necessary documentation, cover the payment of any calculated duties and other governmental charges that may be due, and even arrange for local delivery.

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