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About Samskip

Samskip is an international transportation company which offers transportation and related services by land, sea and air, focusing on cost efficient and sustainability. With an annual turnover of over EUR 677 million, Samskip is now one of the larger European transport companies, with offices in 26 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia, employing approximately 1,700 people around the world. Samskip´s headquarter is in the Netherlands but it was originally founded in Iceland in 1990. Since then, Samskip has produced consistent organic growth complemented by strategic acquisitions. Samskip’s transportation and logistics activities focus mainly on the following sectors: European multimodal transport, North Atlantic integrated logistics, worldwide temperature controlled & ambient cargo forwarding and logistics, and finally European breakbulk and project cargo movements. The workplace The atmosphere at Samskip is dynamic and vibrant. At Samskip in Iceland, 500 employees are working in various and diverse jobs. The emphasis is on positive communication and respect for each others work. Work environment is also considered important and we strive to keep it at the highest standard. Employees are encourage to sustain and increase their knowledge and skills with systematic feedback, education and job development. OUR STAFF


Samskip offers a wide range of services to customers ranging from freight forwarding abroad, maritime transport, warehousing and transport of goods when arriving in Iceland. Our employees provide advice on all aspects of transport to Iceland. Our customers have access to the Samskip service web round the clock.


We receive goods at the consignor’s door in Iceland and return to the recipient’s door abroad. Samskip’s staff has expertise in exporting fishery products, whether they are fresh products, salted, frozen products or shellfish. Heavy industry, recycled raw materials and dry goods are among the things we have exported from overseas to our customers for decades. Samskip’s employees focus on knowing their customers and their needs.
Samskip handles the transport of goods of all sizes and types all over the country. This service includes all general transport of goods, warehouses, full-bodied goods, containers, home-transport of goods, etc.
Shipments on the way to and from the country by Samskip or Jónar Transport sometimes go through the warehouse as well as shipments with Samskip domestic, which handles domestic transport and distribution in the capital area. In addition, thousands of pallets go through the warehouse each year in direct hosting.
Personal effects
Whether in transit to or from Iceland or domestically, Samskip can take care of the transport from the sender’s door to the receiver’s door anywhere in the world.
Faroe Services
Comprehensive logistics solutions for shipping goods to and from the Faroe Islands. We offer a door-to-door service from locations around the globe, with competitive transit times and reliable service. When sending cargo to Iceland or the Faroe Islands, Samskip’s worldwide network of logistics partners is an excellent choice. Samskip & society Samskip takes social responsibility seriously and demonstrates it through active participation in the community. Transport companies are one of the pillars of society and play a significant role. Many aspects related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), such as environmental issues, occupational safety and security, energy issues, human resources and sustainability are of interest to us at Samskip.

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