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River Plate, Inc

River Plate, Inc. was born in July of 1992 as a family owned messaging trucking company though out southern California. Back then the company was called River Plate Trucking. As the years went by our customers demanded more than just transportation, so we listened… We opened up a warehouse for the customers to store their product, and gave an option to do cross docking.

Years down the road it became a Corporation and the C.E.O and founder of the company saw the need to add a pick and pack department, just when the e-commerce business was starting to grow at a very fast pace, that also brought along the assembly department, and all of this business came from River Plate, Inc. existing customers. back then we had no website, every customers that came to our facility was referred from other customers. River Plate, Inc. turned into what was before just a logistics company to a fulfillment house.

To make this story short, here we are a full Fulfillment Center, that was created from our existing clientele.

Hard work pays off, we love all of our clients and our clients love us. Feel free to ask for references, and ask our customers what is River Plate, Inc. all about.

Product Fulfillment

Also referred to as order fulfillment, product fulfillment is the cycle of processing an order of a product from the point of sale all the way through shipment to the customer which is all part of the distribution stage. This covers from the time a product is ordered from a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer to the end delivery point. Receiving, packaging and shipping are handled during this process sometimes internally and many times by an outside fulfillment company. Product fulfillment is necessary for any company who sells products, this term is most often associated with eCommerce. Retail fulfillment has been declining since the eCommerce boom.

Pick And Pack Services

Pick and Pack is a term used in the supply chain management system commonly used in the distribution of retail goods. This is the process of transferring quantities of product and disassembling them to pick out specific ones to be re-packaged with an invoice and labeled for shipping to reach their proper through destination. A pick and pack fulfillment center offer multiple choices of packaging designed to keep an item safe during the transit and delivery process.

Kitting Services

The savings potential of kitting services and assembly are enormous. The process drastically reduces the amount of packaging needed and shipping costs. It decreases the amount of time and labor required in the delivery process, not to mention, it reduces waste and is certainly a greener alternative for companies. A client can reduce their fulfillment fee costs by using prepacked kits often receiving an upgrade in postal services. They can eliminate the need for individual weighing and labeling making it easier for workers to pre-print labels in batches when shipments are placed on a set weekly schedule at twice a week for example. The cost savings can range up into the thousands or more for a client.

On the contrary, using kitting services can pose a challenge for the fulfillment house and is probably why it may not be used as often. When inventory is pulled from stock in batches, it is harder to fill individual orders because inventory is wiped out quickly. A fulfillment expert will know how to manage this process by using a sophisticated inventory system that tracks turnover in all SKU’s so they can stay on top of on hand stock minimums.

Product Labeling

Product labels are essential to communicate how to use, transport, recycle, or dispose of a package or product. Some types of information are mandated by governments relating to specific industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, medical and chemical products. For marketing purposes, a label can provide a consistent and trustworthy branding message so customers can instantly recognize the origin of an item. It serves to reduce the security risks of shipment. Labels may use security printing to help indicate that the package and contents are not counterfeit.Many types of symbols for package labeling are standardized to be recognized nationally and internationally. Country of origin labeling is often used.

Technologies specifically related to shipping containers are identification codes, bar codes and electronic data interchange (EDI). These three core technologies support the process of shipping containers throughout the distribution channel. Identification codes either relay product information or serve to identify other data. Bar codes allow for the automated input of identification codes and complementing data. EDI moves data between trading partners within the distribution channel.

Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and distribution are used in the distribution process of supply chain management to deliver a product from the point of order all the way through the customer delivery process.

Freight Logistics

Freight logistics companies are companies that specialize in the moving or forwarding of freight and cargo from one place to another. Freight logistics companies are divided into several variant sections. For example, international freight forwarders ship goods internationally from country to country, and domestic freight forwarders, ship goods within a single country.

There are various methods of shipping goods; by air, road, sea, or rail. Some companies offer multi-modal solutions, this means that they offer more than one service, in many cases air and sea and in other cases air, sea, and road. The most common multi-modal way of shipping is referred to as inter-modal meaning truck pickup to rail to truck delivery.

A shipping method is selected by evaluating three factors: time, cost, and product characteristics. While shipping by sea could take longer than shipping by air, the latter is generally more expensive. Shipping by rail could also be complemented by piggybacking the freight onto a truck so it can be delivered to the receiver.

At River Plate Inc. we excel at freight logistics and will work with you to meet your freight shipping needs by air, road, sea or rail, domestic or international.

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