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Ri Time Group Inc (Sha)

Ri Time Group Inc (Sha)
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New Wing Airlines (China) International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. It is a non-vessel operated non-vessel operating system (NVOCC) approved and authorized by the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and the Ministry of Communications (MOC) of China, and is also a national first-class international freight forwarding enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.

The company is mainly engaged in the business of Asia-to-the United States route, and has signed contracts with Kawasaki Kisen (K-LINE), Hapag-Lloyd (HAPL), Matson, Wanhai, UAE Shipping (UASC), PIL (PIL), China Shipping (CSCL), Korea Hyundai (HMM), etc., and concentrated on North American routes and KLINE shipping company booking agents, forming the advantageous freight rate of New Wing Airlines from Asia to North America. Provide customers with professional services, win a long-term stable direct customer base, and always maintain brand benefits.

SIENair China—- Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Qingdao are composed of well-trained, experienced, professional and excellent team spirit. It has rich experience and obvious advantages in specific business operations and market mastery. The company’s senior management has many years of experience in managing international freight forwarding enterprises, in the past work, the company has also established a good relationship with the relevant administrative departments, able to handle the timely and smooth customs clearance and transportation of goods, and fully meet the requirements of customers.

Sea freight services

We are a first-class international freight forwarder approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, and also a NVOCC with NVOCC business qualification approved by the Ministry of Transportation. We work closely with a number of large liner shipping companies to transport more than 4,000 containers to all over the world every week, providing 80 end-to-point LCL services worldwide. Our professional operators will tailor the most suitable transportation plan for you in a timely and accurate manner according to your requirements.

Air freight services

We have signed charter transportation contracts with a number of airlines to provide customers with fast, safe and preferential air freight services. We ship more than 200 tons of goods every week to all over the world, and we have different transportation solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Inland transportation

In South China, we have our own fleet, and the team personnel have many years of vehicle transportation experience, providing customers with safe, punctual, efficient and convenient transportation services; Provide more flexible dispatch time, customers can arrange transportation matters more reasonably, and we have special carpooling services for small goods, so that customers can effectively control transportation costs.

Multimodal transport

We can provide you with two or more ways of combined transportation services, in the multimodal mode of transport, each transport link and various means of transport between close cooperation, compact connection, greatly reduce the stopover time of goods, so as to fundamentally ensure the safe, rapid, accurate and timely delivery of goods to the destination.

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