Realogistics International (Beijing)Co., Ltd.

Realogistics International (Beijing)Co., Ltd.

Realogistics International (Beijing)Co., Ltd.
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Arion Logistics Supply Chain Management represents Arrail’s core competencies and the business development direction of future technology-leading logistics companies. Rare Logistics Supply Chain business wants to distinguish itself from traditional logistics with low added value and limited value-added capacity, and serve the high-end needs of network customization. Over the years, Rare has continued to innovate products and improve services to solve the needs and pain points of the logistics industry.

Rare has long-term friendly cooperation with Xiaomi Technology, in order to solve the problem of Xiaomi’s overseas after-sales repair, it has customized a comprehensive solution for after-sales logistics, which breaks the concept of traditional after-sales logistics and provides customers with highly satisfactory services with the most concise procedures and the shortest time. In recent years, Arrail has successively cooperated with logistics technology enterprises Shumao Network and Yanyu Technology to launch innovative products such as logistics visualization, OMS platform system, warehousing traceability and other innovative products for Arrail customers, which have been unanimously recognized and praised by enterprise users. Technology logistics products not only help enterprise users reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency, but also expand the brand influence of The Arrail Group.

In the future, Rare Group will continue to pay attention to the development of science and technology logistics, integrate upstream and downstream enterprise resources, fully extend the service chain, provide global customers with logistics + trade supply chain value-added services, and become the world’s most powerful and competitive full-circulation supply chain solution service provider.

Reverse Logistics

Rare’s reverse logistics solutions include a series of after-sales logistics integrated solutions such as return, refurbishment, repair, spare parts logistics, spare machine logistics, etc., using the perfect connection between upstream and downstream of the supply chain, which can help you optimize the reverse logistics business process, reduce the circulation of enterprise goods, shorten the time of cargo circulation, eliminate the possession of enterprise funds and save logistics comprehensive costs.
Arrail’s “After-sales Logistics Integrated Solution”, with Rare’s strong global transportation network and rich practical experience, minimizes the time and cost costs caused by reverse logistics business, and provides customers with highly satisfactory services with the most concise procedures and the shortest time. We combine logistics, warehousing, maintenance, heavy industry systems to provide the following services:

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