Qingdao Youdao Zhiyuan Logistics Co., Ltd.
Room 2706 – 2707, Block B, Node Plaza, 328 Dunhua Road, Shibei District, Qingdaog
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Freight Forwarders

About Us Qingdao Youdao Zhiyuan Logistics Co., Ltd.

Lwas established in 2019. Although it has been established for a short time, we have won wide acclaim from customers with more competitive solutions and down – to – earth work style.

Services Qingdao Youdao Zhiyuan Logistics Co., Ltd.

Air Export

According to the characteristics of different goods, we provide highly competitive export charter / board services in Greater China, covering Shanghai + Hangzhou + Nanjing, Beijing + Tianjin + Zhengzhou, Guangzhou + Shenzhen + Hong Kong, Chengdu + Chongqing + Kunming, Nanchang.

Air Import

Our company has established a long – term cooperative relationship with a number of charter companies in the air freight import business, especially relying on two major European hub airports, Belgium Liege (LGG AIRPORT) and Germany.

Rail Transport

Our company has established long-term cooperation with railway train operating companies in Zhengzhou.

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