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Since 1995, Provex Inc. has provided a solid, reliable supply chain management to handle our clients’ cargo. We find the perfect system to suit all transportation and storage needs, providing clients with convenient and easy solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective. Provex is an expert in supply chain management, imports and exports, logistics, and Customs clearance. Our 20 years of reliable service have earned us the loyalty of our clients.

Air Freight:
We offer a global and cost effective solution to all of your air freight needs. We provide simple transportation solutions to deliver any load to the location requested by our clients. Thanks to our strategic partnerships with all airlines in the market, you are guaranteed to have the best flight options available to you.

Ocean Freight:
Our sea freight service offers our clients an easy, budget-friendly, and secure way to import and export any kind of cargo, big or small. We have strategic alliances with various sea shipping companies. These alliances allow us to keep our rates low and offer our clients the best deals on sea shipping.

Inland transportation:
Entrust your belongings to our professional fleet of cargo trucks. We offer you a multitude of service solutions to meet all your inland transportation needs. By rail, barge, or road, our cargo trucks provide safe handling and delivery of all packages in the Florida area. We also have access to a wide net of national suppliers, and we can transport your shipments to any point in the U.S.

Custom Logistics:
We look out for our customers’ interests by staying current with all changing industry regulations. Our company takes care of all the legal logistics for your shipments, meeting the designated country’s requirements for imports or exports. Rest assured, our experienced team will handle any Customs issues quickly and easily. Providing a flawless delivery is our goal, and we stay updated on the ever-changing parameters of imports and exports across each one of our destinations.

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