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About Professional Shipping & Logistics Limited

Professional Shipping & Logistics Limited is an emerging vibrant brand in the Freight and Logistics industry. Our Clients rely on our outstanding performance for their shipping/freight forwarding, customs processing and delivery of consignments to designated warehouses. We are involved
We have consolidated our operations into a model of world-class Freight Services Agency with special focus on goods supply logistics. This metamorphosis resulted from continuous process improvement engendered and by our clientele who desired exclusive access to our professionalism. Our expertise and efficient service delivery have put the industry on notice of the arrival of a game-changer, knowing the track-record of the veterans involved.
The top executives of PSL share averagely 25 years of quality practical industry-specific experience, robust academic and professional credentials, strong national and international network, as well as an inexhaustible resource base.
PSL is strategically primed to be the preferred value provider in the global supply chain industry in terms of speed, cost effectiveness and process efficiency
Using highly endowed team, innovative technology and adopting best industry standards and practices in the global supply chain business in executing and delivering specified quality services to our esteemed clients; keeping all stakeholders satisfied in a sustainable manner.
In order to avail our Clients with a one-stop-shop experience, we deemed it necessary to shore up our capacities with carefully selected partners within and outside Nigeria, spanning the field of Logistics, Air and Sea Freight, Courier and Insurance.
Our arrangements with these partners afford our Clients end-to-end services, volume discounts, guaranteed services, rapid response, sustainable growth and development; and a host of other sublime benefits
We are one of the very few shipping logistics companies that operate in this Door to Door (DTD) realm. We found additional values could be added to Clients who involve their Logistics Partners right from the requisition stage. Thus we help in analyzing delivery terms of shipment; trade documentation, vendor expediting, Carrier choice and charter, budgeting etc. We are there for you, be it LC transactions; eCommerce or any other.
PSL is capable of making great bargain freight arrangements for our Clients from ex-factory to port of destination, be it air or sea port. Our good bargain rates result from volume bargaining using the collective strength of our customer’s business, carefully selected partnerships with shipping lines and cargo airlines, as well as port operators or concessionaires. These cost savings from both freight and insurance becomes significant for client with volume shipment over time. Our freight services also include shipment expediting and loss recovery services. This is significant for time bound and proprietary shipments.

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