Perfect Cargo & Logistics Pvt Ltd

Perfect Cargo & Logistics Pvt Ltd

PERFECT CARGO & LOGISTICS PRIVATE LIMITED is organization about handling logistics “Globally” for the clients who wants their consignments to be handle in care by importing/Exporting from any destination to destination in the world by their required Mode and by our PERFECT skills, Experience and knowledge will execute the way of formalities / procedures done till shipments reaches clients door step. We frankly expose that PCL launched with Incorporation on 2011 with a vision to provide Total Integrated Logistics Service Solution by upholding philosophical values of Customer Delight, Self Development & Social Welfare. It has perfected the art of Global Delivery System on International Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain and Warehousing Management by having tie-up with leading logistics partners in around the globe in over 100 destinations.

PCL a Company Lead by J.DENNIS SAGAYA JUDE ( Managing Director ) who has more than a decade Experience in all kind of aspects of Logistics Business Industry by giving you the Best Total Logistics Provider which stating that the company has a clients who deserved about “ PCL “ by joined hands for a long term by having full satisfied service by providing “ International Air Freight ( Imports / Exports ), Sea Freight ( Imports / Exports – LCL,FCL ), Local & Global Transportations, Warehousing & Distribution, Logistics Consultants, Projects, ATA Carnet, Break Bulk, communications around the clock and more Experience provider in Customs Clearance in all Schemes, by Ensuring to the customers those who wants their shipments to be clear from customs without any discrepancy, tension & delay which PCL will take care of Operation in proper move with save hands and also in time service. So PCL inviting to come and Joined us to fulfill your need in Global Standard in great way, Because we believe in Trust, Hardworking, Dedication, Discipline, Protocol, Commitment.
A Meaning of Technology not only describes the word of latest version of Implementation in industry which cannot clear the view from common and small business company to massive importers / Exporters. It’s a view which we have full responsibility to explain the queries of Client in logistics by what kind services can we offer in different angle from the ordinary way to service even faster as per customer’s requirement by generating the skills in manual especially in operations ( Customs Clearance) where the technology doesn’t work. Operations fully depend and succeed by human involvements by manual work what “PERFECT CARGO & LOGISTICS PRIVATE LIMITED “do wherever it required by the support of TECHNOLOGY wherever it’s to be used.

Ensuring that you will not find any disappointments with us while we handling. In export we don’t need to expose too many about our skills which the things will start at our location itself, so that we will execute the work which you can really feel.

Technology – For Clearance, Submitting paper’s in Online 1.5 version by customs Server.
Technology – The advent of technology has made mankind to view things in different angle.
Technology- Communication’s today is very vital and time framed which everyone needs the information at right place and in right time.
Technology- Service industries need to equip themselves with the latest infrastructure and advanced technology to keep in pace with the current world in order to facilitate their valuable customers. Since information needs to available at any place, anytime. This takes us to a dynamic and powerful word called “INTEGRATION”. Today service industry needs to integrate the information and make it available to its customers.
Technology – Providing Status updating of your Valuables Shipments at every steps through mail which will be standard professional conversations.
Manual – First handling your shipments personally when Loading / Unloading Process take place in Airport, Seaport, CFS and by transporting from departure point to Consignee door Step.
Manual – Providing Human service whenever you required our Visit for collecting documents and for your questions explanation & subject talks.
Manual – Our Operation team will be more practical by planning the shipments for Clearance from Customs after perfect explanation when discrepancy takes place.
Manual – More Expecting things from clients is “Cost “which PCL assure by presenting our price in effective of our job which you will be support on that by stating our price in standard and promise components.

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