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PCH Cargo
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About PCH Cargo

PCH Cargo is a logistics and purchase management center created to all companies with a need for international trade services. PCH Cargo provides an efficient service, coupled with value-added programs that give customers personalized service.

The need to move products, consumables, and information from country to country has driven companies to seek strategic alliances that allow them to meet their requirements through an efficient service that gives them added value and allows them to focus on their operation while their freight is in the right place. That is why PCH Cargo is a strategic ally for your customers, integrating air and land transport, freight forwarding, customs, storage, quality control, and other basic logistic services.

PCH Cargo provides a wide array of transportation solutions and works closely with its customers to formulate strategies to decide wich is the most efficient route for their s

PCH Cargo’s warehouse is located in Miami, FL. We are a one stop shop in the heart of the Doral logistic corridor in Miami, located only 15 minutes away from the Air Cargo Terminal at the Miami International Airport.

Our company offers you 1,000 sq mts of warehouse TSA approved space with CCTV forklift and a staff of professionals with a long time experience in the logistic business that will provide you with all the service you may need in order to effectively manage your inventories, such as POD deliveries, package and labeling, inventory controls, etc.

CH CARGO offers services that help you keep better track of your operations. Through our services, provided by professionals, you will be able to carry out your international business activities in a faster, safer, more economic, and reliable way.

Choosing a business partner with knowledge, experience, and flexibility to make fast and efficient decisions can mean the difference between success or failure in the handling of your freight, and consequently, the prompt delivery of your orders.

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