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As a global freight forwarder, DSV provides and manages supply chain solutions for thousands of companies every day. Whether you are a small family-run businesses or large global corporation we focus on keeping your supply chains flowing through operational excellence and sustainable growth. This is at the core of our purpose, vision and mission.

Our skilled people with industry know-how, modern warehouses, strong carrier relationships and a global network across 80 countries position us to better serve your needs. We help you achieve your business objectives through a unique blend of optimised and flexible solutions, combined with visibility tools, secure IT infrastructure and sustainability.

With daily worldwide departures, you can rely on DSV’s air freight services

DSV’s air freight services are a reliable option for air freight of all sizes and types. Whether you’re shipping perishables, hazardous cargo or any commodity that needs fast delivery, we can provide the solution that meets your needs..

Delivery to your doorstep
As a global air freight forwarder, our network stretches around the world keeping your cargo within the DSV network throughout its journey from door-to-door. Our services include:

No matter the size, type and frequency of your cargo, we have a service that fits your needs. Our air freight services include:
Full charter air freight
Part charter air freight
On-board courier
DSV XPress – our courier service
Air freight compliance and documentation support
DSV’s air freight team is always up to date with the latest requirements in air freight compliance. With first-hand knowledge of local conditions, rules and regulations, we can handle all administrative and documentation procedures and ensure the smooth handling of your air cargo – wherever in the world it may be. This includes customs clearance, security, license requirements and compliance with other local regulations.

Air freight carriers
For your air freight cargo to arrive safely, on time and on budget, we use an array of reliable airlines and air freight carriers. They have the expertise and capacity to handle your shipments so you can enjoy complete flexibility to send your cargo wherever and whenever you need.

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