Pacifica C&L
Blvd Constitución #1 Local #08 Colonia Los Ángeles CP 27148, Torreón Coahuila.
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About Us Pacifica C&L

We are a company dedicated to coordination and integrated logistics.
Our specialty is to generate profitability in your foreign trade operations by offering solutions focused on cost reduction, offering personalized services and competitive prices.

Services Pacifica C&L

Customs Clearance

We are experts in the customs operation of import and export of all kinds of products.
We have extensive experience in the correct tariff classification, declaration of foreign trade taxes and compliance with non-tariff regulations through a professional operational structure.


We offer the service of international cargo movement in any of its modalities.

  • Terrestrial
  • Aerial
  • Maritime
  • Intermodal

Find the best personalized attention for your cargo.

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