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FREIGHT FORWARDING & NON VESSEL OPERATING COMMON CARRIER Acting as a freight forwarder/NVOCC, ShipOCI offers a full range of services pertaining to the storage and shipment of merchandise. Through ShipOCI, customers have access to various shipping methods, including air, sea, truck and rail. No request is too difficult for ShipOCI’s skilled and resourceful team. AIR ShipOCI contracts top domestic and global air freight companies that align with its concentrated business model and exemplary customer service standards. With the customer top of mind, ShipOCI offers the option for air freight cargo tracking that gives customers the ability to monitor their air shipments throughout the entire transportation process. OCEAN Shippers that are not restricted by a tight timeframe, ShipOCI’s sea freight services offer customers a well-priced option to transport goods overseas. With industry-leading knowledge, customers can always expect quality service and peace-of-mind. ShipOCI’s supply chain also includes refrigerated containers (reefers) for handling temperature sensitive goods fresh and frozen throughout the long sea journey to its final destination TRUCKING & RAIL In addition, ShipOCI has no difficulty handling shipments that require multiple carrier types. Through its trusted network of trucks, trains, planes and ships, the process of transferring goods from one carrier type to another is always seamless. Time-sensitive and high-value cargo gets where it needs to go, regardless of the required medium. By giving ShipOCI complete control, customers can expect to receive shipments in a timely manner with a top quality service experience from beginning to end. WAREHOUSING For the storing of goods and products, ShipOCI offers its customers incomparable warehousing and distribution services. ShipOCI has a vast network of warehouses in multiple cities around the world, including both refrigerated and dry facilities ensuring customers’ goods are stored safely, properly and securely. Because ShipOCI has warehouse availability in multiple sizes, customers are not restricted by the quantity of good and products, allowing ShipOCI to deliver on whatever warehousing needs customers may require, including specialized direct store deliveries.
THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS ShipOCI is a third-party logistics provider (3PL) specializing in refrigerated cargo, cross docking, ocean freight, trucking, rail, air, and inventory tracking for worldwide supply chain management solutions. One of South Florida’s leading third party logistics companies, ShipOCI offers its customers unprecedented third party logistics services including procurement, storage and distribution. By offering solutions, not excuses, ShipOCI has helped shape the future of integrated logistics solutions. These solutions reduce costs and improve service for outstanding long-term relationships with its customers. With over 30 years experience in the logistics industry, ShipOCI’s team is familiar with all logistics processes and is not afraid of short lead-time challenges. As a 3PL, the challenge is deciding the best course of action that will reduce costs and improve service when met with conflicting service requirements from customer. With expert knowledge and experience, ShipOCI handles these challenges with ease. As is common practice with third party logistics, ShipOCI closely monitors and documents every aspect of the supply chain, from pick-up to drop-off. ShipOCI is constantly developing and fine-tuning its proprietary software, RapidLink, to support the limitations of its customers and offer a transparent and interactive interface that gives customers unprecedented access to the supply chain. RapidLink is a web-based supply chain software and service solution that utilizes advances in technology to streamline, forecast and simplify the supply chain process for faster, uninterrupted service. It allows ShipOCI customers to maintain direct access with the supplier, making all appointments for delivery online. Companies and retailers look to ShipOCI to improve their competitive advantage in “robo tasks” such as warehousing, transportation, inventory, re-order, compliance, reverse logistics, payment processing and category management. ShipOCI’s unique and vigilant business model, together with its proprietary software, continues to innovate the future of integrated logistics. ShipOCI is committed to building meaningful relationships with customers and suppliers to ensure long-lasting business success.

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